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Natural Ressort & Products


Wildland Visions GmbH


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Corporate Design, Packaging Design, Visual Design, Webdesign

Wildland is a small eco resort in the heart of Northern Germany’s nature reserve „Lüneburger Heide“. Over the years, its founder Harald created an enchanting and sometimes magic place for private retreats or business get-togethers. 


Truly believing in a lifestyle of health and sustainability, Harald is using a growing number of ecological and local products in his resort. Triggered by the demand of his guests, he is now launching a small and exquisite selection of these products, establishing „Wildland“ as a product brand, too.


I was asked to refine the corporate design for these products, doing an evolution instead of a revolution. It was a must to keep the iconic eagle, because it was a crucial part of the brand identity from the very beginning. Additionally, I created new packaging designs, a new web design and accordingly refurbished the business stationery.

During the project I worked quite a lot on the color palette. As being one with nature is one of the main values of Wildland, I picked the color range out of the nature that surrounds the resort, the buildings itself or even from the ingredients of the products. 


The teamwork with Harald was really enriching to me, because his vision of what Wildland as a brand should stand for is so clear and uncompromising - and thereby infectious. I always enjoy working for meaningful and substantial things so I enjoyed that a lot. Even if not all products are launched yet.

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