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Arbeitsraum für Freischaffende


deepblue networks


deepblue networks


Brand Identity, Corporate Design, Communication Design, Graphic Design, Interior Concept, Webdesign, Social Media

In order to make use of empty office spaces in Hamburg Altona, deepblue networks decided to turn it into a co-working space, where freelance creatives and start-ups can work and collaborate in an inspiring - and affordable - environment.


Together with Anne and Oliver I developed the whole concept of „Werkheim“, including floor planning and interior design, brand identity and communication design as well as the marketing and business concept.


As a starting point we took the geometrical shape of the floor plan and based the whole visual appearance on that core element. The simple rhombic shape can stand alone or merge with other shapes, always creating new spaces and possibilities.


With no client paying for the project we had to make sure to be cost efficient to the max in everything we did. The color range we used was basically determined by the colors of the printing paper we were using, so we were able to print only black & white. Alike, we were just using smart folding techniques on big paper sheets to easily create folders and brochures. Coming up with unusual and unconventional solutions due to the projects very limited budget was challenging and fun at the same time.


I really liked the crafty parts of the project, such as creating paper crafted designs as visuals for marketing materials and designing a cosy, welcoming place that feels like home.

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